Bendie is a US sales and distribution company focused on design conscious product that tells a story.

100% pure latex from trees


Oli & Carol (O&C) is a natural rubber toy company based in Barcelona, Spain. Started by sisters Olimpia & Carolina (then 15 & 20 years old), O&C is focused on creating design-driven, eco-friendly product that are both safe and fun! 



Integrating Form and Function


Goodnight Light is a Barcelona based design studio that creates design-led, hand-crafted vinyl lamps suitable for any interior. Conceived in 2014 by designers Lorena Canals and Eva Newton, Goodnight Light aims to integrate form and function; bringing beautiful statement lighting to any room through playful and iconic designs.


Quality Toys. Quality Time.


From sand to snow, bath to garden, Quut Toys are design driven, durable, and multi-functional - helping create memories of a lifetime.